Agency Cheil Ukraine
Idea, producer Yuriy Duma
Shooting/editing Den Seleznyov
Creative director Slava Denys
Projection, vfx, instalation Victor Vlasenko and Evgeniy Sorokin

The best solution for music on the go is a headset
and no alternatives here.
Sound systems that can give us a powerful sound often should be plugged into electricity and connected to the source of music. People don’t believe that Samsung DA F-60 can be as good as real musicians and can be used
in crowded places because of the high noise level of
environment. A small device can’t provide us a powerful
and realistic sound.

We shot the video with the real musicians and recorded the track in the studio for the clearest sound we could get.
We deleted the video background and made a projection
of the musicians on the city walls in the crowded places.
The sound was generated from Samsung DA F-60,
only with no connection to the source of electricity.
We gave the new meaning to the wording “Street musician” making the unique combination of the musicians
and product. Everyone could enjoy the sound quality and power thanks to the product and discover its possibilities.
People could also find out the details about the product
and price by following the QR code.



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